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The Autoharp and Chromaharp (aka chorded zither) are exceptional instruments. They have a unique sound that when played slowly has an almost harp-like sound, but when played with full fervent strums, their sound is all their own. Most commonly used for Old-Timey music, you'll also hear the autoharp used in bluegrass, country, Celtic, folk, pop, rock, jazz and really just about every style under the sun, with the only limit being your imagination. It's the perfect instrument for the beginner who is new to music to the experienced professional.


Who is Marc Gunn?

Marc Gunn is a Celtic folk songwriter and autoharpist who performs with the Brobdingnagian Bards. He began playing the autoharp in 1997 and has since then introduced the instrument to thousands of people worldwide through chart-topping MP3s through which his group has attained international success. He hopes to use his music to renew the public passion for the autoharp as it was in the days of the Carter Family.

To successfully play the autoharp and chromaharp, you need:

  • An autoharp or chromaharp
  • A tuning wrench
  • A chromatic tuner
  • And no other prior musical knowledge

That's one of the great things about the autoharp. It's been hailed as a wonderful instrument for children and elderly, because it is simple and easy to play. The most difficult thing about playing the autoharp is tuning it!

Is the autoharp only for beginners?

Autoharp music from Autoharpist Marc GunnNot a chance! There are some absolutely amazing autoharpists out there. That's one of the reasons I started this site. I wanted to "hear" all the great autoharpists that are out there around the world.

Master autoharpists like Bryan Bowers, Karen Mueller, Lindsay Haisley, Les Gustafson-Zook, Mary Umbarger, Carol Stober, Bob Woodcock, Meg Peterson, Roz Brown, Ivan Stiles, Cathy Britell, Nathan Sarvis, Patsy Stoneman, Mike Fenton, Carey Dubert, Tina Louise Barr, The Carter Family, Alan Mager, Evo Bluestein, Harvey Reid, and John McCutcheon, to name a few, can be found worldwide.

With patience and a lot of practice, anyone can turn this simple instruments into a musical gem that'll be the envy of all your friends.

What's the difference between the Autoharp and Chromaharp?

The main difference between the Autoharp and Chromaharp is the brand name. The autoharp is the generic name that is most commonly associated with Oscar Schmidt the chief manufacturers. The Chromaharp is a trademarked name from Rhythm Band. You'll also find custom luthiers who make customized autoharps. The prices are usually much higher, but the quality is worth it!

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Autoharps! - My Pick of the best newbie Autoharps

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Finding Autoharp CDs

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Looking for Autoharp Musicians and Performers

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Autoharps Accessories

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How do I get added to the Autoharp Radio station?

It's easy and free to do. If you have recorded autoharp music and want to get heard, click here!

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