Marc Gunn, Bard Autoharpist of Mage Network

Autoharp Repair Kit (ARK)

A number of years ago, I realized there were certain things that I needed when I was on the road to avoid any problems that would prevent me from playing my autoharp. This rescue apparatus I named the ARK, also called the Autoharp Repair Kit.

It features the following items:

  • Autoharp strings
    One full package of 36 autoharp strings, plus, some of the more frequent breaking strings like 8G and 9A.

  • Chromatic tuner with backup AAA batteries
    I sometimes carry two tuners in case I misplace one. Tuning by ear sucks for me, especially if all 36 strings need tuning.

  • T-tuning Wrench
    Another essential for the road. I prefer to carry two as well. One as a backup and one that I use regularly.

  • Pliers and wire cutters
    Pliers always come in handy on the road. But they and the wire cutters are specially great to have around when you need to fix a broken string.

  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
    I picked on that will flip over to be used as a flathead too. Great for any chord bar adjustments.

  • Hobby knife
    I mostly use the hobby knife when refelting chord bars, but now and then it comes in handy other places.

  • Backup picks
    I don't usually have too many pick problems, but it never hurts to have backups. I usually carry one extra set just in case.

  • Extra Screws
    When you work the autoharp is hard as I do, screws loosen on the chord bar case. I like to carry a couple extra screws in case any wiggle free.

  • Autoharp Felts
    My felts aren't usually in that bad shape. So I rarely carry them on the road since I'm usually only gone for a weekend. If I go longer, I usually bring extra.

Your basic ARK will cost you about $125 which includes everything listed above.

Got something you think should be a part of the ARK? Post your comments on the Autoharp Repair Kit YouTube video.