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Autoharp Books and Videos

If you are wanting to learn how to play the autoharp, learn the way I did. Read a book! Below is a wonderful list of essential autoharp reading.

Disclosure: All of these books can be purchased through my affiliate at Amazon. I will earn a commission. If you find a better site that will save you money getting started, please let me know. Feel free to use whatever to save you money.

The Top Five Autoharp Books

  1. The Autoharp Owner's Manual (Book)
    by Mary Lou Orthey
    Covers everything from maintenance to building an autoharp. Another essential for anyone just learning or the seasoned expert.

  2. Celtic Autoharp (Book/CD)
    by Karen Mueller
    Fanastic book for anyone wanting to learn how to play Celtic autoharp. Includes easy-to-read tablature, popular Celtic tunes and a CD to help you learn. This is essential even if you're not into Celtic autoharping!

  3. Mel Bay's Complete Autoharp Songbook (Book)
    by Meg Peterson
    This is the first book I learned from. Packed with lots of different strum patterns and easy-to-read tab, Meg Peterson's have taught a huge number of autoharpists worldwide.

  4. Autoharp Chord Chart and Melody-Playing Tips (Book)
    by Alex Usher
    This handy, fit-in-your-case guide has all you need to know to play both accompaniment and melody on your Autoharp. It includes chord charts for both 15-bar and 21-bar Autoharps that show all of the chords that are used in the available keys on each instrument. There is a description of the basic technique used for melody-playing. Included is a copy of Amazing Grace with the chords indicated for both melody and accompaniment playing. The author is an international Autoharp champion.

  5. Melody Book, The: 300 Selections from the World of Music for Piano, Guitar, Autoharp, Recorder and Voice (Book)
    by Patricia Hackett
    While this isn't a great "learn to play" tool, it is a book that is packed with great songs that is perfect for anyone wanting to play just about anything. My parents bought this book a decade ago, and it's still a favorite. Be warned, the price is a pretty high.

  6. BONUS: The Autoharp Book
    by Becky Blackley
    This is not required reading, but it is interesting if you're an autoharp player. Ms Blackley compiled an incredible list of all of the autoharps released over there years. It hasn't been updated to my knowledge since 1983, but it is still the premiere resource book for some of the best made autoharps over the years.



Autoharp Instructional DVDs, Videos, and Books

There are several great instructors and authors of autoharp books. Check out these below to find a great list of autoharpists.

Carol Stober, the Autoharp Lady

  • Autoharping the Gospels (Book and CD)
  • Appalachian Autoharp (Book and Cassette)
  • Cowboy Songs for Autoharp (Book)
  • Autoharp (Book)

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Meg Peterson

  • Mel Bay's Complete Autoharp Songbook (Book)
  • Mel Bay's Complete Method for Autoharp or Chromaharp (Book)
  • You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp (Book)
  • Beatles Greatest Hits : Easy Autoharp (Book)
  • Songs of Christmas for Autoharp (Book)

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Evo Bluestein

  • Autoharp Method - In Four Easy Steps Book/CD Set

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John Sebastian Autoharp

  • DVD-Learn To Play Autoharp

Want to learn from John Sebastian? Learn to play with this DVD

Bryan Bowers Autoharp

  • Bryan Bowers' Autoharp Techniques - Developing Your Skills

Bryan is sort of the Godfather of autoharp music. So if you want to learn some impressive technicques, learn from the best. Check out this DVD by Bryan Bowers.


Free Autoharp Books

If you just want some basic facts about how to play the autoharp, the Georgia Autoharpers have put together the following eBook. Download it for free. It's now available exclusively through the UK Autoharps website.