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Autoharp Music Directory

Welcome to the Autoharp Music Directory. Contact me if you would like to have your link added to my directory.

Autoharp Communities

  • Cyberpluckers
    THE discussion list for autoharpists. If you have any questions at all about the autoharp, someone on this list will be able to help you out.

  • Autoharp Webring
    The Autoharp WebRing is a collection of sites on the World Wide Web that have something to do with autoharps, autoharp-related equipment and supplies, the music played on autoharps, people who play autoharps, even people who LIKE autoharps. If you've got a Web site that meets one or more of those criteria, you, too, can join the fun.

  • UK Autoharp
    Autoharp resources for autoharpists in the United Kingdom.


Autoharp Education

  • Autoharp Quarterly
    For any serious autoharpist! The Autoharp Quarterly is the definitive guide for the autoharp enthusiast. You'll find out exactly what's happening in the autoharp world and plus learn to play the autoharp from some of the nations best autoharpists

  • Autoharp Conversion Tutorial
    Here's a great photo-tutorial about removing those big plastic chordbar units that come stock on Oscar Schmidt Autoharps, and installing a custom set of chordbars. Also covers how to change from a chromatic tuning, where 5 or 6 strings ring per chord, to a diatonic tuning, where 10 or more strings can ring per chord.

  • Autoharp Teacher Cathy Britell
    Website for people just getting started with the autoharp. It features a monthly education series by Cathy Britell on how to play a specific song. It's designed for those who don't read music easily.

  • The True History of the Autoharp
    Once thought to be the invention of Charles F. Zimmerman, there is a new person to whom credit is given for the autoharp.


Autoharp Gatherings and Festivals

  • Autoharp Jamboree
    Three days of workshops, concerts, lots of jamming on the courthouse square and all over town, great places to eat and good fellowship taking place in mid-June.

  • California Autoharp Gathering
    California Autoharp Gathering takes place in Mid-May. Barn Dance with 200 Dancers - Open Stage - Concerts - Hands-on Workshops Jamming - Singing - Children’s Concert - Extra Autoharps Available for Workshops Indoor Plumbing - Sunshine - Air Conditioning - Harper’s Bazaar - Hot Showers Catered Food Available for Purchase On-Site - Free Parking Autoharp luthiers and other appropriate music-related vendors welcome!

  • California Bluegrass Association MUSIC CAMP
    The 2nd Annual California Bluegrass Association MUSIC CAMP JUNE 9-12, 2002 GRASS VALLEY, CA AUTOHARPERS! Ray Frank is back by popular demand at the CBA Music Camp, teaching a class to beginning and intermediate autoharp players. Beginner and intermediate instrumental classes; jams, electives CONTACT: Ingrid Noyes, camp director, 707-878-2415 or Website:

  • NorthWest Autoharp Gathering
    July 28-31, 2016
    Ananda Center, Gaston, Oregon
    Furnished dormitory rooms, tent & RV camping, meals included. Sponsored by Portland Folk Music Society. For information, registration and music samples, see or call 503-312-1186. Concerts, workshops, jamming, open stages, and an outstanding lineup of award-winning autoharpists.

  • Northwest Folklife
    This is a huge fest in the Seattle Center. There are some autoharp-ish happenings there that are scattered about. There'll be a big multi-autoharpist panel this year. Takes place May 23-26

  • Walnut Valley Festival
    Annual folk music festival in Winfield, Kansas taking place in mid-September.

  • Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering
    Three fun-filled Days of Hands-on Workshops, Open Stages, Jamming, Singing, and Evening Concerts in Albany, Oregon


Autoharpists Bands and Musicians

  • See my complete list of autoharp musicians and bands

  • Marc Gunn - Fun Celtic Songs
    Bard Marc Gunn performs Celtic Folk music and Filk on autoharp and a cappella. Free MP3 songs. Funny and romantic poetry. Free digital photography pictures of nature, fine art, and people.

  • Brobdingnagian Bards
    Renaissance in Celtic music. #1 indie Celtic music band with three milliond Celtic MP3 downloads. Scottish and Irish songs, Tolkien music, and Dr Demento Ren Faire comedy. Newsletter features free MP3s monthly. Features autoharp music of Marc Gunn

  • Bill Bryant
    Bill Bryant, a unique individual, with a gift very few people are given - to play an instrument few people can play, to create music that has to have come straight from the Lord, and to have friends to share that music on this, his third album. A total of twelve musicians and seventeen singers joined in this venture to create a somewhat new style of Christian music. Strong messages with sometimes mellow, sometimes driving instrumentals make this an album to listen to over and over again.

  • Bryan Bowers
    Premier master autoharpist and touring musician. Widely recognized as THE BEST autoharpist today.

  • Mary Park & Ageless Harmony
    Experience roots music played inÊa traditional way with Mary Park on the autoharp.

  • Doofus
    Doofus might mean "village idiot" to some, but it's really a token of our affection for each other and the music we make together!æ We are a lively old time band consisting of two couples: Neal & Coleen Walters and John & Heidi Cerrigione.æ Together we sing and play guitar, autoharp, mountain and hammered dulcimer, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and acoustic bass.

  • Evo Bluestein
    Multi-instrumentalist and singer Evo Bluestein brings to his music a rich legacy of American folk tradition, brilliant interpretation and original composition. Considered one of this country's most accomplished Appalachian-style autoharpists, Bluestein is equally known as a performer and teacher of oldtime fiddle, button accordion, guitar and banjo. His repertoire includes songs derived from Appalachian, Cajun, zydeco, blues and other styles of music.

  • Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers on Autoharp
    Do you love Irish Drinking Songs? Are you like me, a kitty cat lover fanatic? Put those together and you have Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, a CD for the wonderfully demented kitty cat fantatic. Listen to music you've heard on St. Patrick's Day or by The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, The Wolfe Tones, and the Irish rovers. Then laugh as all your favorite Irish Drinking Songs are rewriten with Cat song lyrics. Your love of Celtic music will never be the same!

  • Jo Ann Smith
    From traditional tunes to contemporary ballads, Jo Ann's expressive technique and inspired arrangements have won her wide acclaim, and demonstrate without question that the autoharp is an instrument capable of serious music. Best known for her solo work featuring tasteful use of non-standard chords, Jo Ann also performs with the acoustic folk music group, "Pocket Change". Her latest CD, "Rhythm of the Rain", features some of her best-known autoharp arrangements backed up by talented local musicians on bass, guitar and mandolin. Jo Ann performs regularly throughout her local region, and also gives group workshops and private autoharp instruction.

  • Karen Mueller
    Nationally touring autoharpist. The Minneapolis-based musician presents concerts and workshops in a variety of settings, from concert halls to elementary schools. Considered one of the finest players of her instruments in the country, she creates dynamic, finely-crafted arrangements of Appalachian, Celtic and contemporary tunes. She also plays guitar, bass dulcimer, mandolin and bouzouki, and is in demand as an instructor as well as performer.

  • The Bard Rocks
    The songster, Roland Vinyard, known as The Bard Rocks (or is it The Barred Rocks?), has finally decided to take his act public after 40 years of playing in closets, under rugs, and when he thought no one was around. Infamous for protest songs (when he sang, everyone protested), The Bard Rocks now specializes in the songs of the acclaimed songwriter Trad. Anon.


Autoharp Shopping

  • Autoharps has affiliate with a variety of online music instrument retailers and offers some of the best prices for autoharps online. Very affordable and of course easy shopping.

  • Autoharp Strings, Felts, Finger Picks and other Accessories
    My complete guide on where to get the best accessories for your autoharp.

  • Autoharp Soft Case
    Save your autoharp from heat, cold, and moisture with our insulated, padded, weather-tight soft case. A large music pocket on the outside, backpack straps, and webbing handles make it convenient. Choose your color on the Order page.

  • Blue Ridge Autoharps
    Blue Ridge Autoharps are handcrafted from the finest select spruce and hand-picked hardwoods. Each instrument is custom-outfitted to the buyer's choice of woods, set-up, and chord arrangement. Custom string sets are available. Browse this site for options, and contact us with any questions or to order.

  • d'Aigle Autoharp
    These autoharps are the result of years of development. Computer aided design and old world craftsmanship combine to create an autoharp of beauty and functionality with a sound that is crisp, clear and bold, yet mellow in tone. Each 'harp is built from the finest materials available, handcrafted to demanding detail  and tolerances.

  • Lumbert Mountain Music
    Hello! My name is Buck Lumbert - Luthier, retired machinist, conversationalist. The preceding in no particular order! I started building autoharps in 1985, when Lois (my wife) decided she had to have a diatonic 'harp. I've built and experimented with 'harps ever since. I am not a serious autoharp player myself, but I do play a little. I just retired from a lifetime career as a machinist, and intend to devote most of my time to building autoharps from now on!

  • Oscar Schmidt
    The Autoharp is truly an American instrument in origin. It's birth from the chorded Zither to present day diatonic & chromatic instruments, attest to the popularity and versatility of the Autoharp worldwide. World-reknown manufacturer of the autoharp.